He sat there shoveling his fry-up into his gob, stinking of cheap hotel shower gel. They must have worked up quite an appetite this afternoon. He still had that triumphant sparkle in his eyes.

She sat on the far side of the table from him, as far away as she could physically get. Her body was angled sideways, her hand wrapped around an almost-empty mug of tepid tea. She watched with disgust as he cut up the sausages and rashers, wiping a piece of bread in the congealing grease before loading it all up on a fork. Egg yolk dribbled down his chin as he chewed happily, his cheeks bulging.

She was also watching how he was trying to pretend that he wasn’t hiding anything from her, that he hadn’t spent the afternoon buried in another woman. She knew from experience that it would only have lasted about quarter of an hour. But to him, having a couple of women ‘on the go’ was what made him a real man.

No matter how bad the relationship actually was, he just needed to be able to say he had a girlfriend. She hadn’t touched him for weeks. She would no longer even let him climb on top to stop his nagging. She had told him several times that she did not love him, that she did not even like him, but he would not go away.

As she watched him, part of her was fascinated by how little she cared about his transgressions. Her feelings for him had diminished so much that she couldn’t even work up an anger at his betrayal. All she had left was disdain.

But tonight was the last night. The key to her new apartment lay safely in her bag. She had picked it up this afternoon, and had even managed to get some boxes of her stuff out while he was off shagging around. Tomorrow would get the rest packed and moved. Then she would leave the keys on the kitchen table, probably right where her mug was now, pull the door out behind her and walk away.

Just one more night to get through. One more night of his sweaty body wrapped around her, his snores being directed right into her ear, his semen drying into the nightdress she would have once again refused to remove for him. One more was more than enough.


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