There are 7,000,000,000 human beings on this planet.

Each single individual is 0.0000000142857% of the total.

Our average lifespan of 50-80 years does not even register on the timescale of the universe.

We are made of dust.

Our bodies are weak and vulnerable. They need external protection from the heat and the cold, they break and sprain easily. Our intestines and neck are always exposed to a potential attack when we stand. Our young are completely helpless when born, and remain so afterwards for far longer than most other species.

We destroy our own environment.

And there’s more of us coming: in ten years’, the population will be 8m; in 30 years’, 9m; in 50 years’, 10m.

So get over yourself. Realise you are a speck on the surface of the planet. Move aside for others walking down the path. Your bag does not need a bus seat when others are standing. Stop taking your bad mood out on your colleagues. Because you are not important. Your colleagues are not important. Your little ego struggle with your boyfriend/parent/friend/flatmate is not important. If you disappear tomorrow, the world will keep turning and everybody that knew you will probably also be dust before Halley’s Comet comes around again.

Just enjoy the ride while it lasts.