Time to write


Time to write. Right. I’ll just get a cup of tea first. I’d better drink it while it’s hot. Ooooh, I’d love some chocolate right now. How about one of those artisan chocolates from the market? Or maybe a chocolate digestive would give me energy for writing? Now I’ve got crumbs on the keypad. And look at how many streaks there are on the screen. I’ll give that a wipe first. Good Lord, look how disorganized that drawer is. How are you supposed to find anything in there. Well, there’s the screenwipes on top, but I can’t leave the rest of the mess like that. I’ll just tidy this up first.

30 minutes later

Right. Time to write. I’m thirsty after all the dust from that drawer. Let’s get another cup of tea first. Better drink it while it’s hot. Where will I sit? At the desk? But then I’m facing the wall. Let’s sit looking out the window. Wow, what a beautiful light there is out there tonight. Those dark blue clouds make the trees stand out so well. And how abundant the foliage is now. I hadn’t even noticed how lush everywhere had become. Imagine that only a few weeks ago we were all in scarves and winter coats. Ahhh, concentrate, woman! Write! Oops, the battery is running low. I’ll have to go and sit at the desk. I wonder how the birthday girl got on today? I’ll just log on to Facebook and see if she posted any photos. 

30 minutes later

Facebook is so stupid. Why do I waste so much time on there? It’s just people living their perfect lives and being happy without me. What was I going to write about? I can’t even remember now. I can, but it seems silly now. How will I pull it together? I don’t feel like this now. It’s not the right time. I’m a bad writer. It will just turn out crap anyway. Maybe I should get up early in the morning and force myself to sit down and write for half an hour, like all those other writers say they do. It might be best. Just get used to producing words every day. Right. I’ll start tomorrow. It’s too late now to start writing today. I have to leave in half an hour, so there’s no point in starting now. I will set my clock for 6am now, and then from tomorrow I will start getting up early and writing before leaving for work.

Where should I sit?


Inspired by: Daily Prompt: Writing Space


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