Not everyone’s pleased for Woody Allen


Daily Prompt: Ripped from the Headlines

Click over to whatever website you visit most frequently to get news. Find the third headline on the page. Make sure that headline is in your post.

Not everyone’s pleased for Woody Allen

Once their car had backed out of the Jenkins’ driveway and had started driving down the street, Julie let loose a massive sigh of relief.

Her boyfriend, Matt, glanced at her in surprise and laughed. “What’s that about? Did you not have a good time? I thought you liked Ben and Marie.”

“I do,” said Julie. “They are lovely, lovely people. It’s just…is Ben even aware that people besides Woody Allen have made films?”

Matt chuckled. “Well, Woody Allen has made an awful lot of movies.”

“Yeah, and most of them are awful,” Julie shot back.

“Woody Allen is one of the greats,” protested Matt. “Would you rather be watching some dumb Fast and Furious 237 or something?”

“Don’t be facetious,” said Julie. “It’s just not everyone’s pleased for Woody Allen to be force-fed to them every time they go visiting. I’m beginning to dread going over, knowing that sooner or later the DVD wallet will be brought out and I’ll be asked to choose one. Then it’s another two or three hours of boredom until the bloody thing ends.”

Matt chuckled away to himself as he listened to Julie’s rant. “Will we take over some DVDs the next time then so you don’t have to suffer the Woody torture any more?”

Julie turned towards Matt as much as her seatbelt would allow her to do so. “Are you laughing at me?”

“No…heh heh heh.

“Well I’m glad you find it amusing. Is it too much to expect to have a conversation when you’re invited round to someone’s house, instead of a DVD being turned on almost before you even have time to sit down???”

“Ah now, he always pours you a glass of wine before he turns it on.”

“Oh, you’re impossible,” said Julie huffily but trying not to let the smile on her face sound in her voice. “I’m sneaking my iPod in the next time. Catch up on my TED talks.”

“How rude!” said Matt in mock horror. “Don’t hit me, I’m driving…”


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